For those who love SUP and have children, it is only natural to wish to get them paddling with you. Not only does it get them off the electronics, but it is also great exercise and brings together the family on the water. Perhaps you have considered purchasing a kids paddle board for them. Typically, a board made specifically for kids will be relatively smaller than an adult board, more affordable, and might consist of illustrations or bright colors that appeal to children.

However, you might need to think carefully before you make that purchase. Why? Since you are not certain how long your kid will keep interested in paddleboarding. Undoubtedly, your kids will eventually grow up, often faster than you anticipated. So, if they still have an interest in paddling as they grow, they’ll require a larger board.

So, what do you need to do? Instead of purchasing a kids board, consider opting for a youth board that also works for kids.

Why Is a Youth SUP Board Suitable For Kids?

Since kids weigh less and require less buoyancy than adults, they can paddle on relatively smaller boards. However, that doesn’t necessarily imply they can’t paddle on a board that is also large enough to support an adult.

So, when choosing a paddleboard, look for one on the smaller side of the adult-sized range. For instance, although a kid could paddle an all-round board that measures 9′ – 10′ in length, it would also be a fun board for a skilled adult paddler below 200 lb. On the other hand, a 7-foot board specifically made for river surfing can be ideal for a young kid to use – and allow a proud parent a different board they can include to their quiver.

In comparison, a 5-inch thick board would be a better option for your child than a 6-inch thick board. For the thinner board, it will ride relatively lower on the water for greater balance and will also be much simpler to climb back on once you fall in the water. What’s more, the thinner board will be simpler to carry under any kid-sized arms.

What Makes a Great Kids’ SUP Board?

Generally, a SUP that is made for kids should have certain characteristics. For starters, it should be reasonably priced. They should be durable (a crucial aspect), light, and safe!

However, despite these boards being smaller, there shouldn’t be a sacrifice for ample stability. Although learning to paddle is quite easy, you still require the proper stability to get your bearings. A younger SUPer will undoubtedly appreciate a stable board, but it will also be a means to give their friends a ride.

How Do You Know the Right SUP Fin Setup For Kids?

Since kids often break and lose things easily, you will need a board that has an unbreakable fin system. Going for the permanently affixed set of three flexible fins if you want the best setup for kids is the right choice. Another option to consider if a youth will surf the board is a configurable fin system. In general, it will enable you to replace any broken or lost fins easily. However, children are going to be children. So, choose the unbreakable permanent fees, and you will thank us later.

Why Is a SUP Deck Pad Ideal For Kids?

It is prudent that you choose a deck pad that consists of resistant materials that won’t easily get torn up in case of reckless use. If you buy a board from a reliable brand, it will consist of quality materials that will undoubtedly suffice.

Which Is Better For Kids: A Hard Board or an Inflatable SUP?

Generally speaking, an inflatable makes much more sense – in many ways – than a hardboard for kids. For starters, you will need a durable board that will never get dinged if your children are playing around and probably mistreating it. What’s more, an inflatable won’t hurt that much in case it hits your child on the head. Similarly, if your kids misguide a 9-10 ft missile into you, you shouldn’t expect to get hurt that much.

At the same time, an inflatable SUP comprising flexible fins is less of a risk than hardboard fins that will cut like a razor. That’s bad; so, let’s avoid the long term groundings and injuries and stay out on the water.

Bottom Line

As you can see, it takes quite a lot to choose the best paddle board for your kids. So what’s the key takeaway? Even though your children can ride on just about all boards that you give them, they will have a much easier time on a considerably smaller board. Because you are not sure of how much your little ones will get out of any board you purchase, it is prudent to purchase a board that your kids can use. However, it should also be useful for you as well as other family members in the long haul.  We dont review kids paddle board but you can look at sites like this offer great reviews

Does your kid have an interest in SUP? Why not use this as a great opportunity to purchase that short river or surfing board you have always desired since it can double as a kids’ board. Perhaps, you can buy a compact all-round board that will be ideal for your future travels. It would be best if you didn’t get carried away purchasing a board that is quite tiny for everyone else but your kids to ride since you can be certain that they won’t remain kids for long.  If you are looking for more information this forum is a great start.