What Would Kids Prefer, Paddle Board Or Kayak?

All kids love adventure. They would do anything to spend their days playing and exploring. Water is one of kids greatest attractions. This makes it hard to say what is more popular with kids, a paddle board or a kayak. This article takes a closer look at both options and at some of their most important features and benefits. Both kayaks and paddle boards are cool and fun. They are also relatively easy to master. However, there are a few differences between the two.

The kayak has been around for a long while now, so there's no wonder so many kids love it. All seaside resorts and organized beaches offer kayaks for rent. The chances are that most children already know how fun it can be to explore the shore from a kayak. The kayak is more popular than traditional boats because it is much easier to handle. This makes it suitable for children. Besides, when you're in a kayak, you are very close to the water, you can fell the water, and you can cool down your feet and your hands whenever you want. Getting wet is part of the charm of any kayak adventure, particularly at sea, where there are also some waves. Learning the kayak is easy, but being able to paddle for hours without getting tired is something that requires practice. Besides, kayaks are bulky and expensive, and they are difficult to store when not in use. This means that kids rely on their parents to put their kayaks on the water, so chances are they can't use them as often as they would like. 

On the other hand, paddle boards are the latest craze among adults and teenagers alike. Lightweight and fairly easy to learn, paddle boards are more and more common on lakes and rivers, even inside cities. It's easy to understand why so many people are attracted to them. Standing on the water is almost like walking on water, so it is as fun as can be. If adults love paddle boards, what do you think children feel for these devices? Indeed, they love them as well! Besides, kids enjoy challenges, so they will make it their duty of honor to manage to stand up on their paddle board for as long as possible. Once they manage to do it, the reward is an adrenaline rush and an overall feeling of accomplishment. This is how it comes that kids get addicted to paddle boards right off the bat. As paddle boards are more accessible than kayaks, children may enjoy more opportunities to use them. Should they own one, they will have an easier time finding storage.

In conclusion, we can safely say that paddle boards are slightly more popular than kayaks. At the same time, it is worth mentioning here that paddle boards are fairly new, so not all children may have already tried one. This is why kayak is still popular among kids, even though paddle boards are rapidly catching up. Then, every child is unique, so you can't know what they prefer unless you ask them directly.

How To Make A Paddle Board For Kids Cheap And Easy.

Making a paddle board for kids isn’t easy. However, if you have some DIY skills and the right tools, you can make one without spending a fortune in the process. This article takes a closer look at your available options to build such a paddle board for your children.

First of all, you’ll need the right materials to make the paddle board. You can use wood, foam, rubber or a combination of materials with good buoyancy. You’ll also need a strong, water-resistant adhesive to stick the different parts of your board together. Next, you have to worry about the tools required to tackle this job of building a paddle board for kids by yourself. Make sure you have at least a rocker table, a trowel, a wood rasp and a sander.

If you intend to use wood for your SUP board, you’ll need to know how to calculate the right shape and size and how to work your wood plank to take this shape. While a carpenter would find this an easy job, you may have to spend a while trying to get it right. The good thing is that wood isn’t too expensive, so you’ll be able to start over again, should anything go wrong with your project. Starting over isn’t as bad as it seems, as things are surely going to go better the second time.

If you want to carve your board from foam, you’ll need to know how to work this kind of material. It isn’t too difficult, provided that you do have some skills and a good 3D vision.

Either way, you should have a very good understanding of the physics of building a paddle board. The alternative is to find somewhere a ready-made project of your board. You can search for this type of project on Instructables or on Pinterest. Both websites are full of such creative resources, and they are also free to use. Even so, you’ll have to be able to follow the project closely, in order to build a beautiful and functional paddle board.

Your first and foremost focus should be on shaping it the right way. If you don’t have a project, you can trace another paddle board. Once you’re done with crafting the board, you’ll need to find a way to laminate it. Since the board will be in contact with water, you have to seal it as well as possible. You can apply self-hardening resin. However, keep in mind that this can be a very difficult thing to do. Polyurethane is probably better because it is very easy to apply, and you can always smooth it after it cures. Before applying your sealant, make sure that the surface of the board is very clean. Applying this final coating over dust and debris will create a huge mess that’s going to be impossible to fix. It’s much better to make sure you start with a very clean board.